Celebrate your day! (Penny Black)

by Kylie

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to the final day of my Card Challenge with Elle! This has been such a fun exercise to undertake and I really recommend it to anyone who needs that bit of a push to USE all this wonderful patterned paper we collect. I am definitely going to try it again at some stage.

Just to re-cap, the challenge is to make three cards using one pad of patterned paper and one stamp set. I selected the Sweet & Cute stamp set from Penny Black and the Sugar Shoppe 6×6 Paper pad from doodlebug design inc. (My first card in the challenge is here, and the second card is here.)

Sweet & Cute (30-153)

Sweet & Cute (30-153)

Sugar Shoppe (4202)

Sugar Shoppe (4202)

I ended the challenge using the stamp I had picked out to use first. lol Funny how that happens and there’s no reason as to why it slipped down the pecking order. I tend to shy away from what I would call busy and bright patterned papers and the little cupcake paper in the Sugar Shoppe paper definitely falls into this category but I felt it would be a fantastic fit with the little hedgehog carrying an enormous cupcake. I’m so glad I used it. I love how it looks! I was a bit worried that all three of my cards would basically have the patterned paper as the background of the card (nothing wrong with that at all!) but when I messed up colouring the icing on the cupcake I decided the paper pad could come to the rescue – yes, PAPER PIECING! Another great way to use the patterned paper in your stash. I thought the polka dots could represent sprinkles.

Here’s the card…

Celebrate Your Day! Materials used: Stamps – Sweet & Cute (Penny Black); Designer Paper – Sugar Shoppe 6×6 Paper Pad (doodlebug design inc.); Cardstock – doodlebug design inc.; Bakers Twine (Creativ); Copic Markers; Dies – Silhouette and Wink of Stella.

Celebrate Your Day!
Materials used: Stamps – Sweet & Cute (Penny Black); Designer Paper – Sugar Shoppe 6×6 Paper Pad (doodlebug design inc.); Cardstock – doodlebug design inc.; Bakers Twine (Creativ); Copic Markers; Dies – Silhouette and Wink of Stella.

And there endeth the challenge! I’m sad that it is over. I loved it! My mojo was flowing nicely. I think that can happen when you narrow your choices as there is less chance of being overwhelmed by so many different factors. I’ve also made a start at using the pile of pretty paper in my stash. It is nice to see the paper on a card and not just in a pile.

Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Happy Stamping!

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c 25 September, 2014 - 1:38 am

I confess: I emitted a wee squeal when I saw your card! Absolutely show-stopping fabulous; every detail, so thoughtfully coordinated with the others, results in complete visual harmony! That ginormous cupcake…the sweet hedgehog..epitome of adorable! Your ‘extending’ creativity by imposing limitations is brilliant, and as you’ve shown, works marvelously. I agree with Elle’s observation: too many choices leads, often, to no choices being made. Creativity stifled – and I’ve seen that with students. The notion that we should let them ‘create whatever’ is a falsity, because the end result is usually ‘less than’ what it might be, given some parameters. You’ve shared amazing lessons, with truly remarkable success! Awesome! Hope you’re feeling better!

Elle L. 10 September, 2014 - 3:04 am

Oh, wow, this is amazing! I completely adore that paper-pieced icing. The dots do look like sprinkles, and it’s just wonderfully fun and playful. I also love how you went out of your comfort zone and chose a busy and bright paper. I tend to not use those either, but it just works so perfectly for this card!

And I’m sooooooooo happy you liked the challenge! I recently listened to a very interesting speech about how limitations could be the very best thing for creativity (link to the talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/phil_hansen_embrace_the_shake ). And, I’ve observed this myself. Oftentimes, I get the most creative when I have some sort of goal or limitation – even when it’s as simple as choosing to make a masculine card. It feels like when you have no limitation, there’s just too many options to choose from and it ends up in one giant creative block.

So, I’m planning on more challenges in the future! 😀

Kylie 10 September, 2014 - 9:26 am

Thanks, Elle! Can’t believe the first challenge is over. Will definitely be participating again. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Thanks too for the link. I’m going to go watch it now (home from work with the dreaded lurgy! boooo!). I totally agree. It’s nice to have all the options available but sometimes it really does stifle creativity. Can’t wait to see your next creation. 🙂 hugs!

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