by Kylie

Hi Everyone,

One thing I love about stamping is the colouring aspect. There are times when I will just colour with no idea of a finished product and, to be honest, I think we should all do this more often. If you think back to childhood, we learn through play. I find it to be fun and relaxing, and I have learnt a lot about what I like, how to use the different products and so much more.

You’ve probably all noticed that I have been using the Distress Markers from Ranger A LOT lately. I love them. They have a finite number of markers (37 in fact, and I do confess I own all of them) but the colour palette is versatile and if you mix your colours then, really, the possibilities are endless. I love watercolouring with them. I scribble the ink onto my craft sheet, spray water next to it, and then use it as a paint. I do sometimes use the marker to colour the stamped image directly.

Another favourite of mine is the Tombow Dual Brush Marker. There are currently 96 markers in the range but when I started stamping there were 144 and over time I managed to get them all. I still love to use them. I use them in a variety of ways – from the above technique (either with water or with their blender pen), to colouring direct onto paper, or even colouring the stamp directly and stamping.

When all those gorgeous samples started to appear which had been coloured using Copics, I quickly got my hands on a few too. I’m still a newbie when it comes to these gorgeous markers but I am having a blast playing and learning the little quirks to using them.

I also love to use coloured pencils, from watercolour pencils, to pastel pencils to regular coloured pencils…and more.

So where am I going with this? Basically, that it is fun to try different options so that you can find what you enjoy. When you pick up a new marker or pencil or paint, for example, practice, play and experiment. The more you play the more confident you become with the medium and your skills will increase. I know the cost of all these different things can add up so if you can organise a day/evening to create with your friends. Share what you have. Learn from each other. And have a good chat and laugh along the way.

I coloured the same image from Penny Black three times tonight in an attempt to show you the differences between Distress Markers, Tombows and Copics but I am not sure you can really tell. All I can say, for me, it was super fun!

Samples From left to right: Distress markers, Tombow Dual Brush Markers and Copic markers

From left to right:
Distress markers, Tombow Dual Brush Markers and Copic markers

Hope you are able to carve time out of you day to play today!

Happy Stamping!

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c 20 June, 2013 - 2:28 pm

I think you and Bev should both head my way so we can all have a coloring party! Oh, the things we could create! Your post and the showcase of the different markers is excellent; I’m leaning toward the distress markers more and more! I’m ‘this close’ to sending in an order, likely SimonSays. And once I have those in hand – starting with a six pack, I’m thinking – I’ll be doing some serious studying of your techniques. Keep up with the ‘teachable moments; they’re fantastic, inspiring, and fun!! looking forward to what you’ll be sharing next!

Kylie 20 June, 2013 - 8:41 pm

Would be fun! It’s great meeting new people around the world with similar interests. It’s just a shame you don’t get to create together. I was thinking more about the colouring matter too. I have found that there are colours I go to again and again, and others I never, or rarely, use. I guess by considering what you like, what you want to colour, you can really focus your purchasing. Thanks so much for your positive response, C. I really appreciate your kindness!

Kylie 20 June, 2013 - 8:18 am

Oh goodness, I hope it didn’t sound like I was bragging! I’ve been doing this for years (and at one stage owned a scrapbook store) and I have accumulated much stuff on the way. I might have to edit the post!

Would love to stamp in person with you Bev! Oh that reminds me, if you don’t mind, would you email me your address as I would love to send you a card. (info @ studio4490. com) No spaces.

I still think it is all just practice and playing. 🙂 We’ll make a colourer of you yet! 😉 Have a fantastic day!

Bev 20 June, 2013 - 10:44 pm

Oh heck no! Not even a hint of brag in your post! You owned a scrapbook store?! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but am too lazy to put in 16 hour days! You’ll have to drop me an email and tell me all about it. Would love to hear about your adventure. I will get to a more detailed email hopefully later today. Lots on my plate today, but it’s all fun stuff. What’s your opinion of Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Markers? I see that Jen Rzasa has them in her post today….

Kylie 22 June, 2013 - 8:17 pm

Oh thank goodness! I am relieved! Yes, I owned a mail order/online store for a number of years back in the day. I was a workaholic – no rest and no time to play. 16 hours would have been a luxury! Hope you have had a great day. I’ve not used the Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Markers but you know I want to try them now. lol Happy stamping!

Bev 20 June, 2013 - 3:18 am

Ok. So when are you coming, with all your markers, to teach me how you do this in person?!! ; ) Thanks for the info on the markers, and I will give the Distress Markers a try next time I need some. Hmmm….more shopping!! Bummer! I still don’t think coloring is ever going to be my strong point, but I won’t give up just yet. Bev

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