Thank you (Stuck on You – CTMH)

by Kylie

Hi Everyone,

Are cacti and succulents still trending? I hope so as I have a few cards to share. I still love them…but then again I always have. When I was growing up my Mum and Dad had a small succulent collection. They had some amazing plants.

Anyway, let’s backtrack to last year…I was keeping a friend company while she was hosting an open house. I had only a few supplies with me to help pass the time. (Unfortunately, it would seem the stamps I have used are no longer available). I created a few cards over the course of the day and in typical Kylie style, they are very similar. As you all know because I am always thinking, “what if I do this? or what about that?”, I usually end up making all the variations. Sometimes I only make two variations and other times…well, let’s just say I make a LOT! And often times there are only a couple of details which vary.

I hope you don’t mind when I share all the variations. I know they are very much alike but I am hoping that maybe they will inspire you in some small way. Let me know below if you would prefer to see just the one look. Okay, let’s get onto the cards…


Here’s the card…

Sending you a prickly hug!
Materials used: Stamps – Stuck on You (CTMH); Copic Makers; Ink – Black Licorice Hybrid (MFT), Spun Sugar Distress Ink (Tim Holtz/Ranger), and Cardstock – Knights Smooth, American Crafts.

When this card was done, I thought it needed a little bit more colour. I also wasn’t sure about the greeting…”Sending you a prickly hug!” – do I not like you very much? I’ll send you a hug but it has a little bit of attitude with it. lol Hmm…time to change it up.


Here’s the card…

Hug Me!
Materials used: Stamps – Stuck on You (CTMH); Copic Makers; Ink – Black Licorice Hybrid (MFT); Cardstock – Knights Smooth, and Designer Paper – Close to My Heart.

This card is the same design, however, I’ve used a patterned background which gives it a little more lift. I’ve also used “Hug me!” which seems a little more friendly, albeit a little needier too. haha

Onto the third card…I’ve gone for a generic “Thank you” sentiment time. The panel is centred but reaches the top of the card base to the bottom. I’ve also shaded around the succulents with blue instead of the grey I used in the previous cards. I think that brightens the card a little.


Here’s the card…


Thank You
Materials used: Stamps – Stuck on You, A Thousand Thanks (CTMH); Copic Makers; Ink – Black Licorice Hybrid (MFT); Cardstock – Knights Smooth, CTMH.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed seeing my cards!

Happy Stamping!

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Elle L. 10 February, 2017 - 4:28 am

Trends in card-making come and go so quickly that it’s all but impossible to keep jumping on those bandwagons unless you have a massive stash with everything under the sun. I’ve stopped going for the “trendy” and just go with what I like. When the trend happens to hit on something I enjoy (like the adorable Doodlebug coffee/tea) line, I stock up. Otherwise, I just do my own thing.
The good news is that all the trends eventually go full circle and come back to be “in” again. So, in a little while, I predict another succulent/cactus craze, and you can pull out these stamps and feel super fab again.

I do love your creations! It’s always interesting to me to see the variations you come up with. I so rarely do this – tend to make one card and that’s all. So, seeing multiples and variations is so very helpful. 🙂

Bev 2 February, 2017 - 2:18 pm

Even when things aren’t trending, if I like them, I use them. Pretty sure the cacti and succulents are still hot items, though. Three sweet cards, my friend. I especially like the blue shading around the last one. And the pretty pink flowers. Your cards are always a joy to see. So. That being said, you had better be in my sidebar again soon, young lady!! hahaha! xoxo

Kylie 4 February, 2017 - 3:42 pm

lol Me too! I can only seem to create with things I like…regardless of whether they are on trend. 🙂 I’m so glad you liked the cards. Thank you, Miss Bev! I’ll try and upload some more cards very soon. 🙂 big hugs! xx

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