I coloured! (And a tip!)

by Kylie

Hi everyone,

Wow, that week went fast! lol I could have sworn it was only a week since I last posted – how can it be two weeks? Don’t ask me where the time has gone. I guess it went by with illness, tiredness, work and the other usual suspects. I have’t created a thing in all that time but tonight I picked up the copics and started again. I’m so out of practice!

Here’s my tip for today: If there is an area in your colouring where you lack confidence, start there. For example, in the piece below I was anxious about colouring the rabbit (Penny Black – Bonnet Bunny). I don’t have a lot of copics which would be suitable so I was a little unsure as to how it would look. Instead of starting there, I started with the hat which I knew I could colour. It was fun and it looked good. Then I started on the rabbit and wooooah, no! It did NOT work! The colours weren’t great, they didn’t blend well, and my attempts to correct it made the poor bunny look most unwell. lol So I started again (and I wished I was painting!). This time I started with the bunny itself. It’s not perfect – there is most definitely room for improvement but boy, it felt good to colour again.

Here’s the coloured image:

Bouquet Bunny Stamps: Bouquet Bunny 1440K (Penny Black); Copic Markers (assorted colours).

Bouquet Bunny
Stamps: Bouquet Bunny 1440K (Penny Black); Copic Markers (assorted colours).

I haven’t made it into a card yet because I want to have another go at colouring the bunny but I was keen to touch base with everyone. I also wanted to share my tip! It’s always easy to do the things we love and feel confident with first but really there are definitely benefits to starting with the tricky parts.

Happy stamping everyone!

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c 23 September, 2013 - 9:08 am

Kylie, so, so, so glad to see you feeling well enough, and finding time to share your GORGEOUS creations with us! I miss your posts, because they are always filled with something delightful – as is the case here! Oh my goodness, but your bunny is A-DOR-A-BLE!! If this is a ‘room for improvement’ display, then I can’t even imagine how amazing a revision would be! In my opinion, this version is perfection! Colours and colouring (I hear you about the Copics – my little set of 12, that don’t really complement one another, are woefully neglected…and likely will remain that way!!) are stunning! Realistic (well, I know bunnies don’t hold hats, but you know what I mean), pretty and, well, perfect! Your tips about facing the challenging parts first: wise advice!! I typically do the reverse, as you mentioned you did, with similar results…grrrr…and toss! Need to keep your advice in mind! At the moment, I’m finding die-cutting and ‘wee’ bits of stamping most fulfilling, Halloween cards, especially. Even though Halloween isn’t a big deal where we live, Halloween themed things just make me smile – plus I can make all kinds of things for my niece and nephew, and their daycare pals, and the people I work with. Silly, yes, but I’m all for playing with ‘cute.’ Actually, I really should turn my attention to Thanksgiving, since that’s rapidly coming up here on Oct. 14…hmmm….an *excuse* to play with pumpkin and apple dies, and ‘fall’ patterned paper. I think some ideas are beginning to perk… Your comments on my blog: AWESOME!! Your words brighten my day immensely! Hugs to you, sweet friend!! A crafting day with you = dream come true!!

Kylie 24 September, 2013 - 9:51 pm

Carol, thank you so much for the nice warm welcome! It is nice to be missed. 🙂 I think there is always room for improvement…or is that just an excuse to keep colouring. lol I swapped around the colours I used to colour the bunny with the colours I used for the hat. Looks pretty good. I will post some pics. I’m sidetracked…was going to say that one of the benefits of painting with the distress is that it is easy to get those shading variations…I think anyway. lol

I’m loving your cards, Carol. Do whatever makes you happy – both with designs, techniques, etc. Love the colours and cards of Halloween so I will hopefully play along. Nothing wrong with silly at all!!

Thank you again so much for your sweet, sweet comments! 🙂

Bev 22 September, 2013 - 10:58 pm

Ok, so if you hadn’t posted today, I was going to send out a search party to find you… I’ve missed you!! Glad you’re back and hope you’re feeling fine now. This little bunny is adorable. The coloring is brilliant and I can’t wait to see what you do with her. It’s just really nice to see you back, girlfriend. I’m going to attempt to do so more coloring, as you are my inspiration. Talka me later. Bev

Kylie 24 September, 2013 - 9:46 pm

Oh you are so sweet, Bev, thank you very much! You made me feel so good when I read your comment! I hope you do try more colouring too. It’s fun! 🙂

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